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The v1 version will not add new functions in the future, and will only maintain the bugs that appear. To experience the latest features, please switch to the v2 version.

Why VueRequest

In the past projects, they were often confused by repeated implementations such as the management of the loading state, the requested throttling and debounce, the caching of request data, and pagination. Whenever we start a new project, we have to manually deal with the above problems, which will be a repetitive work, but also to ensure that the team is consistent.

VueRequest aims to provide developers with a convenient and fast way to manage the state of the request API. In the development, save repetitive work, and it can be used only with a simple configuration, focusing on the core of the development project.


  • 🚀  All data is reactive
  • 🔄  Interval polling
  • 🤖  Automatic error retry
  • 🗄  Built-in cache
  • 💧  Throttle and Debounce
  • ⚙️  Powerful pagination extension and load more extensions
  • 📠  Written in TypeScript
  • ⚡️  Compatible with Vite
  • 🍃  Lightweight
  • 📦  Out of the box


Thank them for inspiring us.


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Last Updated: 6/2/2023, 5:07:34 PM
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